Fairlie Boy Scouts

On Monday, 16th March, 1914, Fairlie Boy Scouts gave a concert in the Village Hall to raise funds for the troop. Nine of those pictured here are named on the Fairlie WW1 Roll of Honour:-

Back Row: William Miller; Duncan McLachlan; William Newcombe; David Boag; J. Strong; W. Whyte; J. Dinnell; David Lynn; W. Wilson, John Boyd
Middle Row:Asst. Scoutmaster Laura Tennant; Scoutmaster Rev. D. Gollan; Asst. Scoutmaster Thomas Miller 
Front Row: W. Wood; S. Wilson; A. Campbell; Baden Hunter; David Boyd; R. Miller

Assistant Scoutmaster Laura Tennant kept a log-book from the troop’s formation in 1912 until her wedding day in 1916.  In it, she noted that “European war, involving Britain, began on August 3rd, 1914”, and she listed the scouts and former scouts who had enlisted – Assistant Scoutmaster Thomas Miller, Archie Stalker, James Campbell and David Thomson. 

In Aug 1914, Hon. Assistant Scoutmaster Charles Grant Tennant (Laura’s brother) returned home from the West Indies to enlist.  Their mother hosted a supper at Fairlieburne for the local Territorials who had responded to the call, at which Assistant Scoutmaster Thomas Miller was presented with a watch in recognition of his past service to the troop.

In Jan 1915, Scoutmaster the Rev. Donald Gollan and scouts David Boyd, Duncan McLachlan, John Miller and William Newcombe undertook patrol duty for the Admiralty at Garmouth, Elgin, for which they were presented with War Service badges.

In Mar 1915 they gave a concert for troop funds and, privately, to provide Tom Miller, who was training with the Bute Mountain Battery in Bedford, with false teeth as he “stands a chance of being chucked out the army because of defective teeth”.   During a short leave from the front in Nov 1915, Thomas Miller returned to his post as Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts’ Church Parade.

David Lynn left the troop in Jan 1916 for munitions work at Ardeer, and John Boyd enlisted in the Lovat Scouts in Oct 1916, aged only 16.  In Dec 1916, the troop formed the guard of honour at the wedding of Beatrice Tennant and Captain George Forman.  In the same month, the scouts provided an escort and sounded the “Last Post” at the funeral of Gunner Alfred Jamieson.

Scoutmaster the Rev. Donald Gollan had tried on several occasions to enlist and been turned down because of his age, and it was only when the age limit was raised to 50 in 1917 that he was successful.

Others on the Fairlie Roll of Honour who are named in the troop log-book are:- Alfred Burden, Baden Hunter, Dunlop Hunter, John McCallum, John McFie, George Miller, Willie Miller and Alan Thomson.


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